• A competitive advantage

At TTNWC, we partner with you to enable our consultancy to help you focus on your organization’s mission. We leverage our talent, service, and creativity to provide a win-win formula to help your business succeed above your competitors. We do this by reducing management costs and increasing the quality and efficiency of your IT.

  • Our people are quality people.

Our people are IT experts, are process-oriented, and possess the highest level of accountability to ensure that you are always satisfied with your results. We believe that honesty, integrity, and a commitment to ethical business practices are fundamental to our conduct in every interaction.

  • We are there day and night.

Our help desk works round the clock to ensure your company is safe and securely monitored. As a TTNWC customer, you can access hundreds of IT professionals working together to provide you with the most efficient IT solutions.

  • We entrust you with your team.

You are assigned a team of experts whom you will know on a first-name basis. Please think of us as your IT BFF. Depending on your unique solution plan, you may have a designated technical services manager, a program manager, or even a technical consultant.

  • We are adaptable

TTNWC serves companies of all sizes with projects and managed plans for various sectors. We cross industries and provide services to almost every business. You can leverage TTNWC as a co-managed or complementary asset or fully outsourced IT, partner. In both cases, TTNWC allows you to focus on your business, not your IT. We provide:

  • Industry-certified IT specialist
  • End-to-end technical support
  • Diverse industry knowledge
  • Tailored solution
  • High level of transparency


Our skilled and experienced team of IT Architects is passionate about discovering new technological advancements and staying updated on current consultancy trends. We strengthen your infrastructure to ensure proper operational requirements, storage, and security.

We provide IT Consulting, IT Automation, DevOps, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Platform services to simplify, customize, standardize, and automate your business operations and management services.