DevOps is adding growth to the agile software paradigm by integrating development and operations to ensure quick delivery of applications. It enhances the efficiencies of IT organizations by streamlining software delivery at a lower cost.

Ensuring Software Quality through DevOps

TTNWT¬†has successfully adopted the concept of DevOps to accelerate application delivery and increase operational efficiency. By incorporating best DevOps practices, we are keen to establish closer collaboration between the IT Operations and Software Engineering teams. We meet our clients’ requirements by providing high-quality software-based services. Our DevOps service offering covers all aspects of the software development life cycle, including build, deployment, testing, and configuration management, with modern software delivery practices.

  • Rapid deployment

In today’s competitive business world, businesses must keep pace with the dynamic trends. Therefore, the need for companies to upgrade and modernize their applications has increased significantly. By leveraging the latest technology stack, we transform legacy applications into modern platforms to deliver improved performance, agility, security, and reliability. We customize your application with proven expertise and integrated technical services to meet your unique business needs.

  • Automation

We follow an automated approach to manage workloads and test from Unified Interface securely. This ultimately benefits your business by reducing risk and overall production time.

  • Supervision

DevOps monitoring involves continuous monitoring of system performance and security. It supports your business development strategy by increasing user engagement with a reliable, high-performing product.