Automation and AI


AI-Ready Your Enterprise

Most businesses use desktop technicians or IT specialists to manage and control their IT infrastructure. This includes manually controlling updates and backups and troubleshooting end-user issues by teams that may not have free time. However, with modern software and the world of robotics, we have learned to automate processes to reduce the time involved in staffing and more straightforward routine maintenance by allowing an automated system to address these concerns.

TTNWT’s technologies simplify and automate the daily IT management process. It is an IT automation tool designed to handle simple IT requests, such as automatic password resets, account locks, and more, reducing the number of staff and expenses used on simple tasks for customers or even to automate complex tasks. This massively reduces the workforce and related expenses required to maintain the IT infrastructure of a business.

Automation is an excellent mechanism for modern businesses to streamline and simplify their daily IT management needs. By using TTNWT tools to handle simple, time-consuming, but ultimately repetitive tasks, companies can free up their team members to take more involved and precise needs or do more with less workforce. You do not need to use Active Directory information or team members for account decommissioning daily.

TTNWT provides various benefits to businesses, whether they are using on-site IT staff or a system such as a remote IT service. Automated provisioning of resources and administration services through TTNWT will reduce IT expenditure costs and costs across the board. TTNWT can provide customers with a range of benefits, such as:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Reduce or eliminate keying errors
  • Link application
  • Speed up processes
  • Applicable compliance
  • Double layer of security
  • Pass/fail to report
  • Increase the protection of your environment
  • Much more